Local Updates: Cider Week Reflection & Whey Stationary Events
Outside the Whey Stationary

Local Updates: Cider Week Reflection & Whey Stationary Events

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a tap takeover at The Whey Stationary, one of the newer bars/ restaurants on Main Street in Middletown. Featuring their award-winning grilled cheeses and tater tots, an amazing bar, and solid revolving beer selection, Whey Stationary is a great addition to the rapidly expanding Middletown food and beverage scene. Besides enjoying some of the Kinsmen Brewing Co. and Spoke + Spy Ciderworks drinks on for the tap takeover, I also had the chance to catch up with a few reps on what’s new.

Whey Stationary Updates

First up, I talked to Zak Perry, the Operations Manager at Whey Stationary. According to him, the new stationary location for the venerable food truck is going great! In addition to local beer and great comfort food, Whey Stationary also offers tap takeovers every other Wednesday and Trivia every Thursday. In addition to this, the Whey Stationary brand is trying something new to support the Middletown Community.

Whey Stationary Bar
The shiny bar at The Whey Stationary

For the holiday season, they are also offering patrons a chance to donate money to support those less fortunate. These funds will be used to give food to community members in need. First, the Whey Stationary plans to host two separate Thanksgiving meals to be served right at the restaurant. Also, they will use raised funds to provide meals on-demand. This means that the less fortunate can come in at any time and claim one of these meals, once they have been purchased (for $5) by the patrons. To stay up-to-date with The Whey Stationary’s bar events and community outreach, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Whey Stationary Holiday Events 2019
A summary of the holiday events at Whey Stationary

CT Cider Week Updates

During this tap takeover, I also checked in with Ron Sansone — co-owner and head cidermaker at Spoke + Spy Ciderworks. I specifically asked him about CT Cider Week. According to Ron, it far exceeded expectations. Over 400 people attended the first-ever local CT cider fest. The tickets sold out in only 17 days, with the VIP tickets selling out in two. There were 20 cideries present, and the general feedback was excitement and an eagerness for next year. On that topic, next year Ron would love to secure a bigger venue to support a larger crowd, more food trucks, and even more cideries.

Cider Conn Glass at Spoke + Spy
Cider Conn Glass at Spoke + Spy

This event served as a kick-off to Cider Week. More venues got involved this year, with packed crowds at every location. The driving philosophy was to promote awareness of cider in CT and get more people involved drinking cider. Using that metric, says Ron, it was all a great success with next year promising to be bigger still. For more information on Cider Week, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and to check out Ron’s Cider, head on down to Spoke + Spy (or visit their Instagram and Facebook).

It was a great night, and I’m psyched to see what the Whey Stationary and Spoke + Spy have planned next! If you have a beverage-related event that could use some coverage, drop me a line here. Then, follow me here, Facebook, and Instagram for beer notes, beverage news, and assorted malted musings. Until next time, I’ll see you where the pints live!