World Famous Delirium Beer Takes Over Taps at Taino

World Famous Delirium Beer Takes Over Taps at Taino

Full disclosure: I bartend at Taino Prime a few days a week.

This past Wednesday, it was hard to miss Taino Prime on East Main Street in Meriden due to the huge, inflatable pink elephant parked outside. Beer fans will immediately know the cheerful mascot, but to those uninitiated, this pastel pachyderm proudly stands for something amazing: Delirium beer.

Some Background on Delirium Beer

Considered by many to be a stand out of the Belgian style (and beer overall), Delirium has been around for a long time. Alex Gonzalez Jones (the Northeast Sales Rep on hand for the tasting) told me that this Belgian brewery has been brewing beer since the mid 1600’s! Later, in 1906, the brewery was bought by Leon Huyghe. This fabled brewery has been family owned and operated by the Huyghe family ever since. 

Besides representing over four generations of local family ownership, Alex told me another interesting thing about Delirium is its focus on sustainability. As of 2015, Brewery Huyghe is 100% solar and wind powered. They also purify all their waste water back to drinking levels. They are so good at this, that they actually handle the municipal water treatment for their local town! On the topic of beers, Delirium’s cafe in Belgian serves a lot. In fact, they won a Guinness world record in 2013 for having more than 3000 available on tap! 

The Delirium Philosophy

Alex really stopped by Taino Prime to showcase two of Delirium’s tremendous beers: their flagship Tremmens and the Delirium Red. Suffice to say, these beers are world class (stop back here to read more about these great brews on Thursday).  After enjoying the beer and free swag brought down, Alex concluded by saying that Delirium is, at the end of the day, good beer brewed by good people. The beer focuses on a high quality, but more than that, they want to focus on lightheartedness. Put another way, this is party beer with serious pedigree.

Delirium Red in Taino Prime’s bar.

Even though Delirium only had two beers on for the takeover, I consider it a great success as that’s twice as much Delirium that’s on draft at most bars! I look forward to attending (and maybe pouring at) more beer events at the amazing Taino Prime. As of now Taino Prime still has the Tremmens on tap, but unfortunately the Red has kicked. Regardless, come on down and say “hi” to yours truly, see what’s new on Taino’s lines, and enjoy some world famous beer and Taino BBQ before the pink elephant prances away. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and until next time I’ll see you where the pints live!

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